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About Us

Chairman's Welcome Message

Warm welcome to all visitors of this site!

On this special occasion, as we celebrate the launch of, I would like to introduce you the new official website of the International Businesses Standards Organization. Its primary aim is to provide information about our organization, its principles, activities, initial idea, and future plans. I hope that you will find this website to be informative and user-friendly.

Before we proceed any further, I would like to give you a brief overview of our organization.

The International Businesses Standards Organization is a non-profit independent organization, which was established under the initiative of entrepreneurs in order to support an international trade and a business development. At IBSO, we strongly believe that the increasing involvement of enterprises in international markets will help to promote a sustainable future and aids in the solution of many other serious global problems. To find out more, click here

Who We Are

The International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO) is a worldwide independent non-profit organization that creates, promotes, and maintains evaluative and ethical standards for international market players and for the global business community at large.

As a participant of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, IBSO integrates UN core values in its daily activities. These principles and recommendations are an integral component of our projects.

Though affiliated with the United Nations Global Compact, IBSO is a unique world-class standards organization. Our new initiative, the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce, generally applies to the international market players. But as a minimal set of universal ethical rules, it allows for entrepreneurs and a wide range of organizations to formally proclaim acceptance of internationally recognized fair dealing principles and to add their value by promoting sustainable and positive business practices.

Several objectives were paramount during the planning and creation of the International Businesses Standards Organization. The international business community needed an organization such as ours. With this knowledge, we defined a passionate vision, specific mission statement, and the following goals:

  • To set up a specific business standards organization that promotes the best of business concepts internationally, enhances the reputation of participating businesses, and helps them achieve essential goals, such as key market benefits, additional market creation, and increased customers.

  • To set up business standards that assist in strengthening the values of modern society (ethical business behavior, respect for human rights, and social responsibility) in the global business arena.

  • To enable businesses from developing countries and countries with economies in transition to play an active role on the national and international business stage through participation in our programs

  • When reviewing our organization’s progress against these goals, success is evident in each endeavor. Our goal of creating a values-based organization that promotes a progressive business model has been clearly successful in adding value to its program’s members.

    Watching the growing number of Worldwide Charter participants from businesses and non-profit organizations worldwide has been a rewarding experience. We are confident that the Worldwide Charter ideals, which indicate the behavior of exponential growth, have the ability to produce a significant impact to the global business community.

    Finally, numerous entrepreneurs and organizations from developing countries have communicated positive feedback. This is an irrefutable indication that IBSO initiatives meet the needs among the business leaders in countries that are less progressive in social or business best practices. We fully support their ambitions for greater integration into the world economic system.

    Your interest in the International Businesses Standards Organization is greatly appreciated. We strive to ensure that your participation in our projects is constructive for your organization. As we step into the future, and work to redefine the global economic community, we welcome you to walk with us.