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Global Business Standard

The Global Business Standard is being developed in response to the obvious need of international businesses looking for a global solution to their certification in a clear and understandable format.

It recognizes businesses performing at Platinum, Gold or Silver categories and is a simple yet very effective tool tailored to evaluate a business's standing and its activity in the global market. The appropriate certification on the Global Business Standard will be issued to companies, partnerships, trusts and other organizations that are actively engaged in international markets.

We are now looking for reliable partners worldwide to provide certification on Global Business Standard as Registration Authorities and realize the full potential of this hopeful project. Our certification scheme offers Registrations Authorities a revenue share of up to 70% of certification value.

If your organization wants to be IBSO’s Authorized Partner and is willing to be responsible for the verification of the applicant’s compliance to Global Business Standard Requirements, we will be happy to receive your request for accreditation. This will allow you to get an authorized Registration Authority Accreditation Certificate and become listed as an Official Registration Authority on the IBSO website.

We welcome your suggestions in all areas of possible partnership activity. Please contact us with any ideas or requests you might have at .

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