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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us! We are open to all partnership suggestions that allow us to achieve our main goals and deliver our mission. IBSO is dedicated to sustaining and encouraging progression with its international partners, and we are keen to develop new collaborations. Our partnerships with organizations and individuals that share our vision can take various forms.

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As an organization that develops evaluative and ethical standards for international market players, IBSO works in close partnership with leading experts, helping to deliver high-standard solutions for the global business society. One present-day example of such cooperation is the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce- the initiative that suggested nine specific principles, covering environmental protection as well as economic and social development.

IBSO is open to research organizations and independent experts in relevant areas to join our activities and strategic priorities.If you are interested in any of these partnerships, please send us a proposal via email at

Do you want to be IBSO’s Authorized Partner?

The International Businesses Standards Organization has recently developed a new Global Business Standard.

The Global Business Standard will be the first worldwide standard for international business classification and will be recognized as performing at a Platinum, Gold or Silver categories. The Standard issued for companies, partnerships, trusts and other organizations are tailored to evaluate the business involvement in the global commercial market.

This Global Business Standard project will be launched this year. To realize its full potential, we are looking for reliable partners worldwide to establish long-term, mutually beneficial business relations.

Our partnership scheme offers Authorized Partner organizations a revenue share (up to 70% of certification value) by providing certification on the Global Business Standard as an Official Registration Authority.

The Registration Authority – a competent body that must have a good understanding of international market practices and the necessary competent staff to participate in the certification program. It needs to be responsible for the verification of an applicant's compliance with Global Business Standard Requirements. The IBSO gives preference to organizations that have five or more years of experience in international law, evaluation, certification, consulting, financial auditing and other similar spheres.

Thus, if your organization meets the above criteria, we will be happy to receive your request for accreditation on IBSO's Registration Authority. Accredited organizations will receive an authorized Accreditation Certificate and will be listed on the IBSO website.

Of course, it is not exhaustive and does not cover all areas of possible partnership activity. We also welcome your comments, letters and suggestions. Please contact us with any ideas you might have at

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We still truly need your help. Your money will be well spent, and we guarantee that 100% of your donation will be used for the declared purposes of our organization. Full information about eligibility for becoming a sponsor is available on the website’s Sponsorships page. To learn more about sponsorship opportunities and benefits, visit our sponsor’s page or send an email to Mark Lerner, IBSO Executive Director, at

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If you have a message for the international business community, our site is the right place to publicize it. We welcome you to submit articles that reflect the interests of our main readers: businesses and non-profit organizations' executives from around the globe.

Articles can be about international standards for business, the global economy, banking, finance, trade development and ethical issues in international business. Additionally, feel free to ask us for suggestions on possible topics or themes.

We publish original English language articles written in plain and clear style. We select articles on the basis of their quality, readability and relevancy to our target audience. All articles are subject to our approval. We cannot guarantee that we will publish any material we receive. Also, we are regretfully unable to provide detailed explanations about why a certain article was not accepted for publication. If you do not get acceptance from us within five business days, please feel free to submit your article to other publications.

In addition, please take into account that we are a non-profit organization and do not pay anything for articles, illustrations, photos or other supporting graphics. However, you may include a photo and a short (up to 50 words) biography of the author at the end of the article with your contact information and an active link to your site.

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