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Our Projects

The International Business Standards Organization (IBSO) pays great attention to empowering the process of transmission of such values as ethical business behavior, respect for human rights and social responsibility to businesses and communities all over the world.

In this capacity, IBSO is participating in the United Nations Global Compact. This United Nations strategic initiative promotes the spread of main UN values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, environmental practice and anti-corruption. The United Nations Global Compact motivated many organizations to develop their policies and strategies in accordance with internationally recognized business practices.

We have launched the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce, which allows for entrepreneurs and a wide range of organizations to formally proclaim acceptance of internationally recognized fair dealing principles and to promote sustainable and positive business practices.

The Worldwide Charter reflects the increasing relevance of environmental, social and corporate governance issues, and brings a uniform set of ethics and methods for evaluating businesses across the globe.

Even now, with the growing number of participants, we see that the Worldwide Charter is already a very successful project. We hope that it will continue to expand further.

IBSO is pleased to announce that has launched a new "journal of leaders, by leaders, and for leaders". The Global Leadership Bulletin will address an audience of businesses and non-profit organizations’ executives from around the globe.

The Bulletin published knowledgeable and research-based articles for leaders covering all areas of corporate governance and the interface of business community with such areas as business strategies, ethical practices and standardization.

We are now in the process of introducing our new project that starts very soon. The Global Business Standard is tailored to evaluate the businesses’ involvement in the global commercial market. In this way, it will be the first special standard for International Businesses classification.

You can find additional information about the Global Business Standard here.