International Businesses Standards Organization (IBSO) | Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

The international Business Standards Organization (IBSO) is committed to maintaining the ethical standards and promoting the mindset that are essential to the development of a fair-trading network worldwide.

As a non-profit institution, our network largely relies on sponsorship as the main financial resource. Your support will help us fulfill our mission to actively promote and develop new products and businesses staying true to our sustainable, ethical and appealing fair trade standards.

You can also choose to support our organization by way of becoming a program sponsor for Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.

Why supporting us with a sponsorship?

  • By supporting IBSO and related programs with a sponsorship, you will be able to highlight your involvement in international business and demonstrate your commitment to fair trade practices, integrity and sustainability.

  • Your company will benefit of significant promotion through our network and partner base. You will be featured on our website, which is visited by a well targeted audience worldwide. We'll promote the sponsorship engagement through press releases, newsletters, acknowledgement and more.

  • You will be entitled to promote your products with IBSO / WCFIC logos.

  • You will be entitled to participate in several special programs, promotional events and access special offers.

Get in touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities:

Mark Lerner, Executive Director
Phone + (972) 52 8232381