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Below you will find some quotes and testimonials we've received from heads of business and civil society organizations from around the world. These are the actual words of people who have written in to voice their opinions. We are proud to offer this as their acknowledgement of the importance of our work.

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I want to welcome the initiative of the International Businesses Standards Organization in the proposition of a Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce. This step has to be noted in terms of linking to global ethics the effective overcoming of the present inertia of the West to meet the changes in modernity.

United Nations Global Expert Dr. Candido Mendes
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For many reasons, doing business in our dramatically changing and increasingly competitive global economy can be very challenging. One of the biggest issues is the lack of trust between buyers and sellers worldwide. By creating the Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce, the International Businesses Standards Organization has set the ground for our global marketplace to interact in a more ethical-conductive environment, therefore minimizing the risk and raising the standards in the way in which companies worldwide conduct business with each other. iBiz247 International Business Center & Marketplace is honored to work closely with IBSO to increase trade between countries in an ethical, responsible and healthy manner.

President & CEO of iBiz247 International Business Center & Marketplace Lynn R. Híjar
San Diego, United States

We are privileged to join the initiative to promote the ethical trading, integrity and sustainable growth globally. As an international Internet legal service business, we focus on business ethics and trade fairness which are also values of IBSO. Therefore we strongly believe that our partnership with IBSO could contribute to global stability and sustainability.

President & CEO of China Law Technology Group (ORB) Xianming Zhao
Beijing, China

Here at iQuality Services, we believe in business ethics and its importance, by applying it in all our endeavours. We understand that our social responsibility consists in balancing everyone’s interest from employees to clients, investors, suppliers, and even the community and society as a whole. By joining the IBSO “The Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce” initiative, we show our support towards a fair and ethical worldwide business community in hope to building a safer and more sustainable world.

Managing Director of iQUALITY SERVICES Ion (John) Iordache
Henley Beach, South Australia

The time for society, the environment and the economy to grow in parallel is now. We can no longer operate on purely profit driven motives, humanity is reaching higher levels of self actualisation and we should demand the best from ourselves and those we do business with. The World Wide Charter for International Commerce gives likeminded change makers the opportunity to say no to greed and disruptive practices and to say yes to a universal ethical code of conduct.

Managing Director of Cogill Philanthropy Management Samantha Davids
Cape Town, South Africa

Business has a huge role to play in ensuring a better world for every human being living on planet earth, both for now and future generations. We therefore welcome the initiative to introduce a Worldwide Charter for Fair International Commerce.

Managing Director of Organisation for Responsible Businesses (ORB) Jill Poet
Southend-on-Sea, UK

With the low trust in business around the globe there needs to be an international, reputable, trademark which stands for high business ethics and corporate sustainability. Consumers can thereupon associate such responsible ethics and sustainability to businesses that truly embody it. I believe IBSO can be that organization to create this trademark and thus significantly promote consumer trust in business everywhere.

Investment Analyst, Writer, Investing for the Soul Publisher & Editor Ron Robins
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

We have joined this excellent initiative because we strongly believe in the power of global trade to raise living standards for all global citizens. Our passion is to expand global trade by helping organisations expand internationally and improving the management of their overseas operations. We undertake to promote ethical practices worldwide and to aim to raise living standards for all.

Owner and CEO of Galvin International John Galvin
London, United Kingdom

At RA Group, we are proud of our unwavering commitment to business ethics and integrity, two values which are part of our core composition. We believe that everyone in the global business community should perform all professional responsibilities with the highest degree of integrity, professionalism, conduct and objectivity, which is why we've partnered with the IBSO, The International Business Standards Organization.

Owner of Rosenberg Advisory Group Bradley Rosenberg
Boston, United States

As the main agent for some Italian fashion and luxury accessories, I act with all efforts to maintain my promises to and agreements with other people. In my position, I often see people whose business practices are unfair and unethical. I wish to see a better world, where maybe someday governments will apply better rules on international trading, supporting the work and interests of healthy, sustainable companies and reducing the unethical practices that should not be a part of the market.

OWNER & CEO presso CLM & CLF Cristian Parolo
Sondrio Area, Italy